With our service there is no messy tiered subscription with required minimum or maximum amounts of usage. You just pay the annual access fee and then only pay for what you use. It is that simple!
14 day free trial then $60.00 annually for access to system.

Per form entry is $19.00 which includes free revisions for 90 days.

Every version will be saved for access at any time.

(Prices are subject to change.)

This is what you will receive with our service:

  1. Tip boxes as you complete the form.
  2. Links to the Family & Medical Leave Act Definitions​.
  3. Save and retrieve for those times request is made by the employer for more information.
  4. Ability to pull-up and re-print at any time.
  5. Ability to retrieve and update for a new year’s approval.
  6. HIPAA-PHI compliant.
  7. Patients can call and request FML paperwork instead of walking them in.
  8. The office can email back to the patient through the system with a signed HIPAA Privacy form on file.
  9. The system will save all versions so you can always do a look back to previous years.
  10. Ability to attach documents (for example job descriptors, notes, signed HIPPA form, etc.).