FLMA Form Help
FLMA Form Help
FLMA Form Help
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Filling out Family & Medical Leave Forms Just Got Easier

Streamlines Telehealth - HIPAA Compliant - Retrieve and Update - Email to Patient

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Save Time and Money!

FMLA form completion time reduced by up to half!

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Complete FMLA Forms With Ease

Tip boxs include links to Family & Medical Leave Act definitions.

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The FMLA-AID App saves Doctors’ offices time and frustration.
Complete FML forms in as much as half the time.
Email completed forms directly to the patient.

Discover the FMLA-AID app which makes it easier and more efficient to complete the FML forms. Complete those dreaded forms with our electronic system faster than ever before. You’ll discover it is so much more than just a form. Let’s face it, doctors’ and staff have a love/hate relationship with filling out the Family and Medical Leave forms so let our system ease the pain!

FMLA App Features

  • HIPAA Compliant.
  • Tip boxes for each field as you complete the form.
  • Quick links to Family & Medical Leave Act definitions.
  • All versions saved for easy reference and retrieval.
  • Patients can call and request FML paperwork instead of walking them in.
  • Allows office to email form to the patient (with signed HIPAA Privacy form on file).

FMLA App Benefits

  • Save time. Cut form handling by as much as 50%.
  • Enjoy easy access. Pull up and reprint at any time.
  • Cut walk-in traffic. Process through call-in requests.
  • Find resources fast. Questions on form fields quickly answered.
  • Facilitate submissions. Easy email system saves on printing and paper.
  • Reduce duplication. No more entering the same information over and over.
  • No more filing of paperwork, therefore, freeing up storage space as it is all maintained in the system.

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In the system the doctor’s office selects the appropriate Family & Medical Leave form (WH-380E, WH-380F, WH-385 and WH-385V).

Once the doctor’s office has filled in the form, they will save. They can then either print the completed form or email to the patient

To email the patient, the doctor’s office must have a signed HIPAA Privacy form on file and this will be uploaded into the system as an attachment. The office should also upload the job description or any other documentation supplied by the patient

The doctor’s office will be able to make changes to the form for 90 days and all versions will be saved.

FMLA-Aid Triangle for the FML App