FLMA Form Help
FLMA Form Help
FLMA Form Help
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Filling out Family & Medical Leave Forms Just Got Easier

Streamlines Telehealth - HIPAA Compliant - Retrieve and Update - Email to Patient

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Save Time and Money!

FMLA form completion time reduced by up to half!

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Complete FMLA Forms With Ease

Tip boxs include links to Family & Medical Leave Act definitions.

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Discover the FMLA-AID app which is designed to save doctors’ and their staff time and frustration with those hard to complete Department of Labor Family & Medical Leave forms.



FMLA App Features

  • HIPAA Compliant.
  • Tip boxes for each field as you complete the form.
  • Quick links to Family & Medical Leave Act definitions.
  • All versions saved for easy reference and retrieval.
  • Patients can call and request FML paperwork instead of walking them in.
  • Allows office to email form to the patient (with signed HIPAA Privacy form on file).

FMLA App Benefits

  • Save time. Cut form handling by as much as 50%.
  • Enjoy easy access. Pull up and reprint at any time.
  • Cut walk-in traffic. Process through call-in requests.
  • Find resources fast. Questions on form fields quickly answered.
  • Facilitate submissions. Easy email system saves on printing and paper.
  • Reduce duplication. No more entering the same information over and over.

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Select the appropriate Family & Medical Leave form (DOL: WH-380E, WH-380F, WH-385 and WH-385V). Once the form is completed, signed, and saved it can then be printed or emailed straight to the patient. (To email the patient, the doctor’s office must have a signed HIPAA Privacy form on file and this will be uploaded into the system as an attachment). IT’S JUST THAT SIMPLE!


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